And it begins….

“To boldly go where no man has gone before “……we set off at warp speed , crash landing in Bangkok to plan this once in a lifetime adventure.

All trappings of responsibilities have been boxed away for twelve months at least. For those who have experienced moving its singularly the most exhausting experience ever !

After running around tying up last minute stuff i moved into a backpackers hostel (Hopp inn) to get a feel for what was ahead.  My first night in my four by four box  was eventful as i managed to drown myself by accidentally turning the shower on while brushing my teeth ! ( photos to be published later)

Aidan finished working on developing a pizza restaurant concept in Taiwan for a close friend and  I entertained my brother for 6 days which brought me close to heaven ! or hell , depending which x your speaking too.

Over the last months we have done a lot of ground work especially with regard flights but we still had no luck with securing a workable itinerary .We decided to take a chance and head to Bangkok to see if our luck might change.

This was a very good decision as we manged to secure our tickets today. Our route is as follows:

Bangkok to Cairo

Cairo to Amman      

Amman to Istanbul (overland to Iran ,Lebanon,Palestine and Israel depending on visa approvals etc ..

Istanbul to Madrid ( overland France ,Portugal , and Northern Europe yet to determine )


Madrid to Sau Paulo

Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires to Santiago

Santiago to Lima

Lima to Miami  ( back down to Cuba )

Miami to Houston

Houston to San Francisco

San Francisco to Tokyo

Tokyo to Bangkok


Impressed !! So are we , that’s a RTW trip with an umbrella on top !

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17 Responses to And it begins….

  1. Mick Mangan says:

    Have a great time, trip and experience….thanks for the blog site and update…

    All the very best


  2. Chris Lloyd says:

    Aidan & Noel – An interesting travel itinerary, very envious. Wishing you both an awesome year of amazing experiences and looking forward to hearing some tales when you get back over a few more drinks. Yilu shun feng!

    Chris, Annie, Charlotte, Joseph & Heine

  3. Joey says:

    And the hilarity begins……
    Loving the itinerary and glad you have it sorted as it was a bit jibberish last week. Especially jeal of the overland trip across ME+ Europe.

    Don’t forget your umbrella and watch your handbag on the beach.
    Have fun and frolics in Bangkok.
    Take care both of you.
    Sal ( aka BB or Joey)

  4. Marco Veringa says:

    Noel that sounds like an amazing trip! wish you and Aidan a lot of fun and look forward to read up on epic stories from you two!
    Gung Hei Fat Choi!


  5. Michael Duffy says:

    F**kin AWESOME!
    Looking forward to the Irish Leg…

    Mick, Edel, Róisín, Gráinne & Ailíse…

  6. John Hone says:

    Like life itself lads ,never mind the destination just enjoy the journey. Great looking blog and sweet smelling prose. Looking forward to more. You lucky, lucky b*******!
    Regards John
    PS Noelie well done with the ipad mini .I know someone here in Hong Kong who will probably still have it in the box when you get back!

  7. John Carney says:

    Why were you brushing your teeth in the shower?

  8. Cathy says:

    Hey Noel,

    Cool to hear from you on your trip of survival ahead. Have fun and enjoy the year of Snack around the planet.
    Will keep an eye on CNN just in case. Let me know when you arrive Japan (in one-piece? haha), may greet you there any time of the year, heee …

    Big hugs …

  9. Tina says:

    Guys, thank you for sharing this link. Awesome trip it seems! I’m so bloody envious! Keeps us posted. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! By the way, I suggest that if time permits and if I’m still stuck in awful Honolulu, you should add a stop to Hawaii after San Francisco before heading back to Asia. Safe journey.


  10. Bernard McHale says:

    Mid life crisis me arse!!!! What an opportunity. Fair dues. I reckon those 18 month old underwear haven’t a hope of making it home. Even money on them not making it out of Asia…

  11. Steven Crook says:

    Wishing you both safe & exciting travels. The overland and Mid-East bits have me green with envy!

  12. juliet says:

    Enjoy the ambitious trips. Don’t be afraid to quit – there’s always a second chance. Keep in touch. W.

  13. Chris says:

    The latest book suggests CNY in Bangkok! 100 down already. Just finished enjoying a bottle of pais du Formosa 2013. Lovely

  14. louisa kan says:

    Dear Aidan,
    Sorry forgot your birthday, won’t do it again! Will be nice to see some pictures with no alcohol in your hand. Enjoy your great adventure and be safe!

  15. Mario Cittadini says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Fantastic!!…..and thanks for sharing it
    Have a good time!



  16. Polly says:

    Hi Noel – finally getting round to a comment – wah!! Very much enjoying your blogs- so impressed. You should make & sell a travel prog to TV , I’m sure it would prove popular. Well envious of (most!) of your experiences. Keep up the fun.
    ALl the best – Polly (& Les if he knew I was sending this!)

  17. Budsaba says:

    Just started, I believed now that you two had a lot of fun 🙂
    Glad to know I’m a part of it and I’m starting to read your stories from now 🙂

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