Birthday Hangover

Well ,

yesterday was a long day , cheap Charlie’s ran out of beer , not possible ! Great craic though , ended up Thai food at the local back packer restaurant and ending up late night , via sportsmans bar to nightclub ….
We today had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of Haut Brion , 2004 , on the verandah at the Mandarin Hotel , courtesy of Noel friend .

Now off to meet Mick Shannon for round two …….later

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One Response to Birthday Hangover

  1. winston says:

    Nice bottle of wine you had there….nice place to enjoy it.

    And then off to the bars…life is good.

    Hope you guys are having a blast…

    btw got an email from O’Dwyer out of the blue the other day hope I hear from him again soon.

    Take care boys

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