Giza Pyramids & Sphinx

After haggling our taxi driver a reasonable price to take us to the Pyramids . This is a pastime in Eygpt!
We set off at 8 am in order to avoid noon rush ( not that there was any ) .
Roads were full of traffic ranging from cars ,horses , goats , sheep and mini scooters .
Our driver tried his upmost to upsell a camel trail to horse buggy trip, keeping ones patience is going to be difficult , for me anyways .
Arrived at the gate, very quiet , only locals , during the visit we saw mostly tours arriving on buses from China and south East Asian countries , only a few expats apart from us .
Nothing can prepare you for the first impression of the sight of the Pyramids and the great Sphinx ,dating back from the time of Chephren,4500 years ago.
The Sphinx,created from a single piece of stone forming the the head of the pharaoh with the body of a lion .
Well worth the visit , well maintained once you get into the site . Access to all areas is very accessible , the only damper is annoyance with horse racing by the locals and offers of picture taking with Camel !

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  1. John Carney says:

    While you boys are sauntering round the pyramids in Egypt I’m in the office writing a story for the paper about local hillbillies up in the New Territories scarying the life out of people by going about the place shooting wild boars with shotguns.

  2. Michael Duffy says:


  3. louisa kan says:

    Thank you for lettintg me know dream can actually come true! And thank you, Aidan, for letting me know that you are a good writer too! In Chinese calendar, spring started yesterday and it is only 5 days away from the Chinese New Year of Golden Snake. Be safe and be happy! You are going to have a spendid lucky year accoring to my fortune survey. Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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