The Quiet American

Approachable ,out going chaps that we are ,we welcome fellow travellers with open arms .

We struck up a conversation with a middle aged American who happened to be staying in the same salubrious lodgings as ourselves.

Discussion ran along the lines of the global economy , Middle East , travel and general tit bits to salivate the mind . We arranged too meet for dinner later that evening agreeing a budget restaurant near circle three.

Marshall ( at least that’s what he called himself ) ,took charge of the interview with out revealing a lot about himself . Suspicions rose a notch or two when the odd probing question was swatted off with indifference as he loosely alluded to a government agency . – (that’s when the extra hummus order was cancelled). Not to be perturbed ,we asked about Iran ( that’s when the falafel was cancelled ) and Palestine ( the bill was called ), we decided it was best too leave.

Not surprisingly he knew our full names having over heard a conversation in the lobby. I’m typing this message with the added distraction of all the Taps running plus AC/DC up full blast .

Marshall is leaving to Turkey Friday ,after that its ” uncertain” his next destination,Im guessing its somewhere in the region.

This message will self destruct in ten seconds ……….

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  1. Ding says:

    LOL. Your jokes never made me laugh as hard :p

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