imageTraveling to Petra reminded me a little to visiting Taroko Gorge in Taiwan . We had chosen a very cold day , and the mountain roads were closed as recently as last Sunday and Monday from snowfall .
The mountain pass was so dangerous due to fog , the driver could only see a few meters ahead . It took us 4 hours to arrive from Amman at Wadi Musi , the local Bedouin town where Petra is located .

We entered Petra from the east entrance , it’s a trek , of 2 km until you reach the final destination of the Treasury , the most recognizable photo from Petra , the siq (shaft) that leads to the treasury is wall to wall covered in ancient carvings that is difficult to describe .
Photos can show more .
You can spend days exploring this unesco site , we only took a few hours , it is well managed and preserved and protected ,however , the entrance fees are US$70pp .It is well worth the money.
The engineering and town planning of the Nabataeans over 2000 years ago , in such a remote location moreover in a desert ,mind boggling .They even had their own irrigation system .

Tomorrow we are off to Jarash and Ajlum ….. Free entrance

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  1. juliet says:

    I’m glad you got to Petra. Sounds great. I hope you had your picture taken and where is the picture of Marshall !!!!! W

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