Overview of Amman and Jordan

Local  Restaurant

Local Restaurant

Area to stay, definitely the old city center , value for money for accommodation and you get to experience the local cuisine at local prices .
The new 5th circle area has all the attractions of a modern city , ie 5 star hotels and restaurants and the crazy prices .Recommend to avoid .

Our hostel was walking distance from the two main attractions of Amman city , the CItadel and the Roman Theater,worth a visit and entrance fee only US$ 75 cents .

Rainbow street is the yuppie hangout street for the young , some bars ,do actually serve alcohol , and these places were busy when we visited. It seems a lot of hot money coming into this country from Iraq, UAE and Syria , told to us by locals .Property prices going up etc ! The locals don’t seem to be happy about this .

Again ,beers were expensive around US$5 plus ,we as you can imagine within a day found a local mom and pop shop cthat sold beers for only a dollar.

Food in Amman is a feast of choices from the region , all ethnic dishes are represented ,especially Syrian , lebanese , Palestine etc ..The hummus is like cream , the choices of dishes are ever ending and very healthy . No Mac Donnalds in our area of town , fresh juices ….fresh vegetables …..our local daily lunch at a street stall ( picture above ) the King of Jordan visits at least once a month ,costs US$3 per person .

One negative avoid taxis , very rude …make sure they turn on the meter , if not just get out off the car . Taxi charges are cheap so they try to take advantage of tourists .

Jordan is well worth a visit ,if you are not traveling neighboring countries , 5 days is enough to see all the sites and experience some of the local culture and cuisine . Budget for expensive travels for visits and entrance fees attractions , ie Petra and Jarash …Be prepared to be charged top dollars !

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  1. juliet says:

    Nice write up on Amman – food sounds great. Hope you enjoy Istanbul. It’s probably similar

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