Lots of Castles and Jarash.


After spending the previous day touring around Petra we took the advice from our driver Fadi too take a three hour sight seeing trip the next day.

We started off at 9am travelling east on the kings highway heading towards the Iraqi border which is a major trade artery judging by the amount of heavy traffic. Sauntering along a monotonous road, we saw three castles in quick succession leaving both of us reasonably impressed but still wanting more from the day .( Lismore castle is far superior in my humble opinion).

While slightly disappointed with the mornings activties we took the decision ( $ 100 dollars worth) to loop back and see Jarash.

Traveling back ,we navigated past some of the most picturesque landscape of olive, tobacco and cane plantations very much the green belt of Jordan.

Jarash , one of the most complete Roman ruins outside Italy is very impressive . Situated on an elevated site with panoramic views of the valley below its walkways , amphitheatres ,temples are listed as Jordan’s second most important tourism attraction. We walked the area for a few hours with very few other tourists navigating past the hard selling trinket vendors.

Chatting to Fadi later, the Middle East crises has taken its toll on tourism.

Returning to Amman we headed to our favourite local establishment for some comfort food after a long days travel.

As we’re leaving soon to Istanbul we are both very impressed with Jordan, people , food , sights have a lot to offer the intrepid traveller .

Marshall reckons its ripe for revolution as its got no natural resources unlike its neighbours . This is very evident especially in the older parts of the city where people survive ,whereas the elevated parts of Amman remain out of reach for most .

Also , truth serum is a Hollywood invention with water boarding the best for extracting information . Not sure who told me that it just came to me …..

On the way too Jarash ...

On the way too Jarash …



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  1. juliet says:

    Jordan sounds like a very interesting place to visit. Must write it on my list. W

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