Squeal like a piggy

Trying to keep expenses under wraps is difficult when you head out for an afternoon sight seeing only to end up with carpets , fez hats and other non essentials mostly made in China. !

Keeping off the touristy areas of course is the smart ploy but i sense North Face have a lot too answer for ,and maybe a perma tan might be an additional deterrent.

Determined to balance the books ,we diligently mark down all our expenses and review them the next day over breakfast. Lets say the budget section in the blog will be binned soon as we’re both guilty of buying € 10 cups of coffee !

Checking our finances today we’re facing a bigger fiscal cliff than Obama hence the Bunny Carr appeal . (In Bunny’s defence ,the money was only resting in his account till after the Cheltenham festival).So please dig deep ,its proven people can survive on less then 500 calories a day and kids can be home educated .

Please send all your donations to c/o the penthouse suite, four seasons hotel , sultanmet , Istanbul ……an official receipt will be sent later ,all donations are tax deductable.

Many thanks

Statler and Waldorf

Ps : we will not accept donations from NRA or any affiliated organisation unless its small unmarked bills .

Drop off area to be determined later, you will recognise us easily as we will be wrapped in carpet wearing a fez.

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2 Responses to Squeal like a piggy

  1. juliet says:

    Very amusing bit of writing. I hope you saw the Spoon diamond in the Topkapi museum. Don’t forget to visit the Pera Palace Hotel where Agatha Christie hid away and the museum to Florence Nightingale. (didn’t see that myself). Good luck with the trip to Iran – it wouldn’t be my choice.

  2. Sally Beighton says:

    I agree with Juliet..a very funny piece of writing that joey.Good luck with yr continued trip down the coast,try a bit of that Irish charm if the visa fails..will surely do the trick.
    Keep it coming..

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