Sofia , Bulgaria

It seems we attract tensions on our travels so far ,more on that later .
Last weekend we decided to travel to Bulgaria , while we are waiting for the now infamous Iranian Visa process , and we are still no wiser whether we will get it .
A Bus ride of 9 hours from Istanbul ,Bulgaria last member to join the European
Union , they must have missed the party with funding , as the roads were in bad shape as we travelled across the whole country to our destination the capital city Sofia .
Turkish Buses are well equipped , Internet , recharger and video channel . Metro is the main Bus company to do trans European treks .

Reminders of its history , of communism can be seen throughout the bus ride . Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU .
Arriving in Sofia , we took a taxi to hotel , English is spoken reasonable well , our driver had lived in Savannah in US for 5 years , but got deported and cannot go back . As usual recommendations of places to go and what to see .

The first night we visited Hambara , it’s a shebeen , literally , from the past communist era , no electricity ….it’s an artist and writers hangout, off the beating track , worth a visit for a few beers .
Wine , the Bulgarians know their trade , great variety on offer ,recommend the Malbec /Merlot wines , and the prices after last few countries its value for money , average good bottle of wine can be bought in a restaurant for 10 euro .

Over the few days there we easily got to see all major attractions and museums . Some though were closed for winter holidays . Some of our places we went to included Alexander Cathedral,National Assembly Sq, National Archaeological Museum , and outside the city the National Museum of History . See photos post for some pics.

Sofia is a popular destination for skiing , unfortunately not my forte .
We were restricted to go certain streets on Saturday and Sunday due to protests , yes this is Bulgaria not Cairo !! We picked the only week end that the Bulgarian Prime MInster and Finance minster resigned due to mass protests regarding inflation , especially electricity prices , which they had tripled recently .



Sofia is worth a visit , week end is enough to see all the sights . Accommodation ,food etc is definitely value for money . People are outgoing and welcoming to tourists .

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3 Responses to Sofia , Bulgaria

  1. juliet says:

    Yeah, I suppose communist countries can leave you feeling deprived. Saw a programme about Turkssh cooking today – Mersin and Gaziantep – the Mediterranean influence on food – spices and lovely thin dough, not to mention the baklava with pistachio nuts. Brought it all back – yum!

  2. madgeburns says:

    Enjoy reading your reports and the photos. E

  3. winston says:

    You guys hadn’t posted in a while..thought you disappeared to a Siberian work camp…do they still do that??

    Looks a bit chilly..hope you two are having a great time…

    So where is the best place on the planet to hook up with you guys for a few days…don’t say Iran…:)

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