PIngus Winery

Pingus Cellar

Pingus Cellar

Thanks to a longtime acquaince and friend Clare Burke, we were able to visit Peter Sisseck’s project in Quintanilla de Onesimo , Valladolid .
We were carefully guided through the process of making this wine by one of his winemaker’s , keeping with the precise rhythm of nature through the biodynamic life cycle .(yes used the quotation from their material for that )

Our winemaker guide Yulia , carefully explained the winery functions, where they produce PSI , Flor , and Domino de Pingus ,the elite wine which they only produce around 600 cases a year .

While we were touring the winery they were preparing to bottle the 2012 vintage .
The winery is immaculate , and is located in a centuries old mill , PIngus was created since only 1995 , by Peter Sisseck but already has a cult status , and a bottle can command over a thousand dollar on many wine lists around the world , that’s if you are lucky to find it .

We were lucky to taste their 2012 Flor de Pingus and Domino de Pingus before leaving .

Definately one of the highlights also visiting what I would label as their Laboratory where they continuously research the wine making process ,yeast production as well as researching with certain Spanish Universities on wine research .


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