Chateau Musar

In the cellars of Chateau Musar.

In the cellars of Chateau Musar.

Suffering the torturous maze of Iranian bureaucracy with a visa as likely as John Carney securing a credit card we decided on heading to Lebanon, a country prominent in my teens for all the wrong reasons .

One distinctive memory I had of the Pacific Club was enjoying a bottle of Chateau Musar with Rene H, the characteristics of this wine plus its distant origin stuck in my memory.It was always a great curiosity and one I was determined to quench giving the opportunity.

Pitched on the hills overlooking Beirut, Musar is a beautiful winery where all the grapes are transported from the Bacar Valley under strict controlled conditions producing Lebanon’s oldest wine. Traditions are vigorously adhered too with little changed since the 1930’s. Deep underground are kept over 1,000,000 bottles of wine, a special area is reserved for storing rare vintages which are used on special occasions .

Fadia , our host, a great ambassador for Lebanese wines boasted 25 years of service through some of the most tumultuous times in the Lebs history. For over two hours we were guided through the entire process from harvest to the final product with Fadia our amiable host. We had the opportunity to taste wines of different styles with Musar sticking deeply to its principles of letting nature determine the final product. This wine is highly sought after with exports making up 75%, its not overly expensive compared to some find Bordeaux’s. Try a bottle or two , its worth it……

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Further information:

The winery was established by Gaston Hochar in 1930 after returning from Bordeaux The current proprietors are the sons, Ronald and Serge Hochar, the latter managing the estate since 1959, with Ronald Hochar assuming marketing and finance department responsibilities since 1962.

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