Sau Paulo and Santo Papa.

Kittens , it’s been a while since we updated our travel blog, now that we’re on the road here’s the latest news.
We left for Madrid with no onward journey confirmed as flights to Sau Paulo were full ! In fact , there was no availability for the foreseeable future – our travel agent gave us little hope. Baffled as to why Brazil is such a popular spot with all the rioting you see daily on TV we posed the question to near and dear. Over coffee with Aunt Juliet did we discover “Santo Papa” and another million people were travelling to Rio for world youth day.! As many of you know we are both very religious so I prayed to St Bernard hoping our situation would improve . Well situation has improved ,I’m now the owner of a 200 lbs Saint Bernard called Beethoven, very handy when your snowed in and need a brandy .

We did eventually get out after waiting at the airport for six hours – last two seats on Tam Airlines 609. Sau Paulo is a vast sprawling city which is best seen by air in my view as the traffic is constantly grid locked. This is the business capital of Brazil with residents living in gated communities due to the high crime rate . Everywhere you see razor wire, electric gates and security guards, this is a way of life here which can be unnerving. Its ill advised to walk down side streets especially late at night with muggings by roaming gangs an issue. An interesting fact about SP is its got the largest Japanese population outside of Japan . Many Japanese took flight after the last war heading to far flung destinations bringing with them their customs . This has greatly enhanced SP reputation with second ,third and fourth generation Japanese enjoying the current boom. Top sights include the Teatro Muncipal, Jardim Botanico , Museum of Football and Avenida Paulista where our hotel was located. Sau Paulo can be seen in a few days and probably ranks low on our list of favourite destinations .

Next stop is Bueno Aires as “Santo Papa”put the brakes on Rio , no flights or accommodation. Your penance for reading this article is too walk/feed Beethoven three times a day.


Museum of Art -SP

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