Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires

Exiting Sau Paulo with the country’s array of incarceration facilities dotting our Airport exit lane way , we were unlucky to spent our time in São Paulo with miserable weather conditions .

We both looked ahead too Argentina. This is a vast open space stretching all the way to Terra de Frago , with the magnificent Andes providing a natural border with its neighbours.

Mill house Hostel on Plaza de Mayo was a real hostel in terms of atmosphere with lots of activities on offer from daily guided walks to free Tango lessons . Its also evidentially very popular with Irish backpackers, where 20 to 30 fellow Irish stayed during our stay .(where’s the recession !)

The only drawback is the atrium style accommodation was the noise reverberates around at nighttime , which means no sleep! On our last night a couple decided to wake the entire hostel with a full bloodied mud slinging contest. The threat of police eventually put them to bed and us to sleep .

Buenos Aires is truly a buzzing city , it’s of course Latin and very Spanish in style as well in ways , everything is slow as in service etc. They rely on tourism , however what we saw most tourism is from two sectors ,business sector and Backpackers .Remnants of the financial crisis can be seen around the city . There are two rates on the US dollar , official which is 5.5 ( atms and banks) or the underground which is 8 plus ,needless we did pay 8 and made sure we got deals.
One has to be sure though where to exchange your dollars ,as there are many fake pesos , we tended to use places we knew .

Food , Argentinian beef is famous and restaurants are plenty , many recommendations , suggest always have a big lunch and long walk afterwards and maybe a glass of ferna blanca wouldn’t go astray . They are too many choices to recommend , some though middle range are bar badda ,Casa Cruz ,and Plaza Asturias .Note always have cash handy as some places , don’t take credit cards and you may end up flipping a coin who has to go to get cash .

Their are many sights and tours to do in and outside Buenos aires , from Tango to Vineyard tours as well as seeing a local soccer game , which our hostel could arrange , local team that was playing home was San Lorenzo . Boca Juniors were not playing .
Do visit the resting place of Evita Peron at her family plot at Recoleta cemetery, suggest visiting on a Saturday as they also have an outdoor market in that area that is well worth browsing , local handicrafts etc.
Recoleta is a very upmarket area , worth visiting and there are many other attractions and museums to visit as well as shopping .

We by chance , passed by the Museo del Bicententario , just located at the end of Plaza de Mayo . This museum unfortunately is only in Spanish , however don,t let this affect you not making a visit . 200 years of the history of Argentina , with each period explained in detail via video and with artifacts and photos , pictures etc of who was in government or in power .
Artifacts of each era , such as Peronists ,Madres de plaza de Mayo to the Spanish in the late 1800 . The exhibition is set in a partially reclaimed Fort , from the 1800,s that took 20 years to reclaim ….well worth the visit .

Architecture in this city is stunning with a huge European feel and presence . They are some great bookstores , must visit El Atheneo !

Malbec wine , cannot visit Argentina without enjoying their national grape , we enjoyed this wine , with very favorable pricing . Fantastic grape !

Buenos Aires like many cities we have seen , have domestic issues ,always a topic of discussion with locals , it is evident to see at the National Congress Building , which has a permanent iron mesh curtain always ready for potential protesters , one can see its been there for years , so much aged graffiti , with gates so we can pass through easily but can be closed in seconds .

All in all , Buenos Aires is fantastic city , well worth it , definitely would go back . Too little time to explore, summer time would be better , and next time venture out of the city more .

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