Costa Rica

We left Sau Paulo on Copa Airlines landing in San Jose the capital city of Costa Rica. There is a real Carribeen feel to the place with a strong American influence as seen by the many fast food joints that line the streets.

This land is fertile and with a tropical climate makes it ideal conditions for crop growing. One of its principle exports being coffee and until recently was its number one export.
Introduced from Ethiopia, large swathes of land were cleared to enable planting of this valuable commodity which supported generations of Costa Ricans.
Coffee plantations streak the landscape with there structured terracing with only the workers cabins offering further evidence of a settlement. Goods are exported to their neighbours by means of trucks which drive as far as Mexico delivering anything from fresh goods , coffee to Micro Chips. ( Costa Rica is one of the worlds largest producer)

Tourism makes up a large portion of their GDP and CR stands as the most visited nation in Central America. It’s also very expensive ! Especially everyday essential items make it a struggle for locals. An average meal out would set you back 25$ per person.

This land is rich in natural beauty , secluded beaches, immense tracks of jungle interspersed with high mountain ranges. With such a tropical climate expect diverse collection of Dendrobates, Reptiles ,Arachnids and Invertebrates. That’s spiders , snakes , frogs all things that can kill you In an instant.

Top sights to see include the Poas Volcano Crater, Arenal Volcano, Jaco Beach and Rincon de la Vieja mountain range.

We’re heading back to Asia , 36 hours in transit is the longest on this trip so far….

That’s all for now folks…….

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