Travel- Adventure- Experience-Discovery-Why  ?

Very simply, you can get caught up in all things materialistic and forget what a very small world we live in. Different cultures, people, experiences are the fuel of life.

Despite having fruitful careers that fueled our passions, we were frustrated that we’d let our careers become our identities. Aidan and I sat in the old Mandarin Oriental Bar in Jakarta a few years ago , toying with the idea of taking a gap year.

Will this be damaging? What will people think? Mid life crises? Who cares!  Several beers later we had maps out with possible destinations listed and now all was needed was a date.

Aidan is recovering from a serious illness reconfirming how fragile life is. This made us even more determined to finalize a date for the escape !

Monday ,14th of January 2013 is when it all starts – first destination Bangkok !

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  1. Paul Cunningham says:

    What a trip, sounds fantastic…..Aiden, great your doing this….keep the blog updated, maybe about to bump in to you both at some destination throughout the year…..all the best
    Paul and Judy.

  2. winston says:

    You crazy bastards…what an amazing thing you are doing…green with envy I am!

    I wish the both of you a safe and fantastic trip, hope to sit down and hear all the stories and see all the pictures when you are back…

    Funny wife and I were having dinner at the new Sheraton at the Beach Walk tonight and were talking about the two of you and wondering how you are.

    We are both super excited for you and wish you all the best…..

    Happy Trails..

    Winston, Uki, Fenna, and Marc

  3. Richard Foster says:

    Great stuff boys – enjoy!

    We expect to hear and see every nitty-gritty detail now you’ve got your travel philosophy and sock secrets out in the open. Will be reading between the lines, making up what seems to us missing.

    Never know where we may meet up along the way, if not the lands of hummus then the land of the boiled spuds.

    Flumpy & all.

  4. Helmut & Nieves says:

    Hello Aidan,

    Congratulations on beginning to realize your dream. After what you have endured, you deserve a great trip with lifetime memories. A real “Bucket List Trip”. Stay well and stay healthy.


    Nieves and Helmut

  5. Didde says:

    Absolutely bloody terrific!

    I am a bit sad that as an event planner I was not consulted 🙂 Ha ha ha!

    Sounds amazing, scary and exciting – what an adventure you will have and oh how many memories you will create!

    If you do happen to be near boring old London, let me know.

    Big hugs,


    P.S So pleased you are feeling better.

  6. Chris Wootten says:

    Great stuff guys!!

    have just caught on to what you’re doing and will continue to follow your movements, hope to be in the same place as you at some point.

    Now, you’ve got me thinking (again) about taking a year out!!

  7. Michael Duffy says:


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