Don’t tell my Mother


Well unless your living in a cave you understand the political situation in Egypt. Not to be put off , Stanley and I decided after a few stiff drinks to pack up and leave regardless ! This I’s where the real adventure begins ,as the Middle East is like stepping back in time.

We haven’t been frivolous in our approach , quite the opposite,availing of a  great rate at Novotel ($50 per night including breakfast ) . Now Aidan’s nerves will be tested as I believe i snore and I know I sleep walk – ask my poor sister , many years ago in Dublin I ending up beside her in bed …… the enquiry the next day over breakfast as to was I on drugs still amuses me…

Our flight is due to depart in a few hours , I will update when we land in the hotel.


Egypt update….

Nothing could prepare us for our first day.

The flight with Egypt Air was an experience we both shall remember with incessant turbulence washed down with no alcohol and even worse service. This was mild in comparison to the situation we experienced in downtown Cairo!

Journeying in past delapated building you wouldn’t be immediately impressed with a country which gave so much to civilization. After a grueling 10 hour flight we made steady progress by reaching the city center in under 35minutes. Travelling with the great River Nile as our guide we could see our hotel up in the distance . All seemed to be going well, until we were stopped entering Tahir square by a man making a ‘slit throat’ gesture. Now to say we were a little anxious would be an understatement !

Beyond him in the distance we could make out a crowd of 300 to 400 in size with riot police charging firing tear gas. At this stage we were both looking for our flax jackets plus several rolls of toilet paper….

Eventually with some detouring we managed to get to our hotel wiping  tear gas out of our eyes . After checking in under the name Charlie Bird c/o of RTE we discovered it’s also a dry hotel !( Jenny that minature got hit on the first night)

Well that’s all from the newsdesk, over too Rosin now for the weather……..


3 Responses to Don’t tell my Mother

  1. Jenny says:

    Sleeping with your sister and emergency toilet paper?! Is this what I can expect from this hotly anticipated blog!? Sounds like you’re in for some adventure lads, and that’s before you’ve even left the hotel room! Noelie, glad the miniature came in handy. Given what you’re like in a lift, i can only imagine the joys of an Air Egypt flight! Be careful now!

  2. Ding says:

    Wow! I have to say that this is an exciting, funny read. In the many years I’ve known you, you certainly write better than you speak! Such humor! You should just write to me! haha! I like your tongue-in-cheek take of an otherwise serious but boring political drama… a dime a dozen where I come from 🙂 So keep them cheery news coming! Promise I won’t tell your mother. D

  3. Chris says:

    Was expecting a list of debauchery, drunken antics and debachrry and pissszed stories…guess everyone grew up but remember to thank the mothers….whoever they are

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