Whats in the bag?

Its important to pack lightly as this will be our home for the next 12months . We have chosen a particular style back pack which is easily accessible, the Gregory Savant 48 offers just that and more.  A list of whats in the bag will come later …………….

Some good pointers from boots and all travel site……… 

Men’s travel clothing: Here’s an example of some travel specific clothing that a man might bring on a RTW trip.  Links are provided, and these are examples of what I brought for a year-long RTW trip in South America, New Zealand, SE Asia, and India.  Temperatures varied from about 30F (-1C) to over 100F (38C).  I ditched the microfleece and thermal shirt after New Zealand since we were only going to be in hot climates the rest of the way.

  • Zip-off convertible pants may not be the most stylish, but they’re extremely practical as they’re lightweight and small for packing and they double as shorts and pants.  Great for hiking and trekking.
  • Moisture wicking t-shirts are a nice alternative to cotton, especially for hot, humid climates, layering, and hiking.
  • lightweight, moisture wicking button-ups are nice for many occasions – going out, walking around a city, museums, churches, temples, even hiking.  Very breezy and cool even in super hot climates.
  • I brought this exact lightweight long sleeve button-up with me, and it was great.  The sleeves rolled up to make it short sleeve, and when rolled down, it could pass for a nice shirt.  Super lightweight and nice even when warm.
  • This midweight thermal shirt was great for layering in colder climates.  It worked fine on its own walking around cities as well.  Pretty warm, yet breathable and light-weight.
  • This microfleece is warm yet still lightweight and small, perfect for layering in cold weather.
  • This jacket was perfect as it was water-resistant, lightweight, yet warm with all the layers.  Add a warm hat and gloves with the thermal shirt and microfleece, and you’re good even when temperatures are around freezing.
  • Yes, they are expensive for underwear at $25 for one, but they are well worth it.  I brought four of these on our trip, and not only did they last the entire trip, but I wore them for a year and a half after I got home.  The most comfortable, durable underwear around.  No joke.
  • When it comes to socks, there is nothing better than Smartwool or any socks made of merino wool. This goes for both men and women.


Ipad Mini: Looks like an essential peice of equipment, i have been tasked to purchase two before the end of the month. Checked it out in Fortess , looks pretty impressive and will come in very handy when updating this blog !   

Now 32 or 64 mmmmmmmm. Purchased the 64 its on the way minus accessories, very exciting times we live in!  


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