Flying out off Amman on Turkish Airlines , what a difference , Bliss ! European airline of the year .
We had experienced two of the most scariest flights due to turbulence on Eygpt Air , into Cairo and Amman , lets say not my favorite airline , and RyanAir service would be better .

Istanbul is a breath of fresh air after the last two weeks . Our hostel is very well located at the Sultanahmet Area , funny enough is actually next door to the Four Seasons Hotel , so it is easy to find . We intend to stay in this region for at least 6 weeks , so this will be a base ,coming and going from Istanbul . Continue reading

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Lots of Castles and Jarash.


After spending the previous day touring around Petra we took the advice from our driver Fadi too take a three hour sight seeing trip the next day.

We started off at 9am travelling east on the kings highway heading towards the Iraqi border which is a major trade artery judging by the amount of heavy traffic. Sauntering along a monotonous road, we saw three castles in quick succession leaving both of us reasonably impressed but still wanting more from the day .( Lismore castle is far superior in my humble opinion). Continue reading

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Overview of Amman and Jordan

Local  Restaurant

Local Restaurant

Area to stay, definitely the old city center , value for money for accommodation and you get to experience the local cuisine at local prices .
The new 5th circle area has all the attractions of a modern city , ie 5 star hotels and restaurants and the crazy prices .Recommend to avoid .

Our hostel was walking distance from the two main attractions of Amman city , the CItadel and the Roman Theater,worth a visit and entrance fee only US$ 75 cents . Continue reading

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imageTraveling to Petra reminded me a little to visiting Taroko Gorge in Taiwan . We had chosen a very cold day , and the mountain roads were closed as recently as last Sunday and Monday from snowfall .
The mountain pass was so dangerous due to fog , the driver could only see a few meters ahead . It took us 4 hours to arrive from Amman at Wadi Musi , the local Bedouin town where Petra is located . Continue reading

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The Quiet American

Approachable ,out going chaps that we are ,we welcome fellow travellers with open arms .

We struck up a conversation with a middle aged American who happened to be staying in the same salubrious lodgings as ourselves.

Discussion ran along the lines of the global economy , Middle East , travel and general tit bits to salivate the mind . We arranged too meet for dinner later that evening agreeing a budget restaurant near circle three. Continue reading

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Giza Pyramids & Sphinx

After haggling our taxi driver a reasonable price to take us to the Pyramids . This is a pastime in Eygpt!
We set off at 8 am in order to avoid noon rush ( not that there was any ) .
Roads were full of traffic ranging from cars ,horses , goats , sheep and mini scooters .
Our driver tried his upmost to upsell a camel trail to horse buggy trip, keeping ones patience is going to be difficult , for me anyways .
Arrived at the gate, very quiet , only locals , during the visit we saw mostly tours arriving on buses from China and south East Asian countries , only a few expats apart from us . Continue reading

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Koshary Abou Tarek

This is a must visit if ever in Cairo ….just behind the National Museum.

Last nite
We had diner at ,Koshary Abou Tarek , most of you know of anthony Bourdain and his travel show , this was one off the stops his visited in Cairo .
Actually it is a breakfast dish , lentils pasta etc , value for money at only 90 cents us$ ,
Taxi was more expensive as we could not walk or take public transport due to the riots in front of Tahir again .

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imageSalam alaikom , from Tahir Square in Cairo , its seems to be quiet this morning on the streets . I reckon they have either arrested quite a few of the ring leaders or they are taking a rest for next phase of protests , probably the latter . Continue reading

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Birthday Hangover

Well ,

yesterday was a long day , cheap Charlie’s ran out of beer , not possible ! Great craic though , ended up Thai food at the local back packer restaurant and ending up late night , via sportsmans bar to nightclub …. Continue reading

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